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Experience of starting a new life in a foreign country is strikingly similar to the one of starting a new business.

We are a community of those wearing both hats. 

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We are expats and locals that believe in entrepreneurship as a catalyst for growth.

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We connect, educate and help grow more than 900 entrepreneurs.

"It was an amazing idea to establish the platform Expat-preneurs! There is no comparable organisation in the region or even in Germany! It is a great advantage and a perfect possibility for international people to get in touch with like-minded.

We collaborate with Expat-preneurs since its launch in 2017 and strongly recommend the platform Expat-preneurs to expats, who have established their business, intend to do it or just would like to share their ideas and exchange!"

Svitlana Bayer, Johannes Grünhage from Expat Service Desk

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